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Chuck Jaws

Mission Statement

"To help make our customers world leaders by providing precision tooling that maximizes the potential of their machinery and personnel through higher efficiency, greater productivity and better quality parts."

If you want cheap tooling, don't call us. If you want quality tooling that pays dividends every day, don't call anyone else!

Turning is typically the most efficient method of removing material and holding size - for this reason we feel it should be considered as the choice for first operation. Over the years, we have designed and manufactured a wide variety of chuck jaws, from simple diameters and steps turned in blank jaws to elaborate assemblies with multiple components.

We have built chuck jaws up to 24" in length, hinged jaws to facilitate loading and unloading, self-centering jaws with precision swivel assemblies and jaws to clamp asymmetrical parts. We can make soft jaws from various materials, master jaws, hard jaws and jaws with replacable contacts and precision static balance if required.

If you have a part that just doesn't seem to lend itself to the possibility of turning, give us a call - we've found that there is always a way.

hardened splined top jaws.

hardened serrated thin wall jaws.

hardened serrated jaws.

27" jaws (2 fixed, 1 hinged) with pivoting clamp bars.

collet pads.

hardened serrated I.D. chucking jaws.

chuck jaws with grippers (1 fixed, 1 swivel) and locators.

chuck jaws with grippers (1 fixed, 1 swivel) and locators.

serrated top jaws with hardened, removable serrated pads.

hardened chuck jaw for microcentric chuck.