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Since 1973, American Tool & Engineering, Inc. has been designing and building quality tooling for manufacturers all across the country. We take great pride in knowing that we have helped our customers produce higher quality parts, reduce scrap rates, shorten cycle times and ultimately improve their bottom line.

In today's manufacturing environment we all truly compete in a global arena. Our goal is to help American manufacturers reach their full potential through increased efficiency and productivity. We know that proper tooling is a vital part of that equation and we can help you reach your full machining capabilities by integrating tooling that will not impose limits on your machinery or personnel.

At American Tool & Engineering, Inc., we believe that tooling is an investment opportunity, just as machinery and personnel are. "Good tooling doesn't cost, it pays," and we prove that every day.

If you are having manufacturing problems or simply need to increase production we can help, whether you need CNC fixtures with hydraulic clamping, high precision arbors, quills or collets, gages, chuck jaws, tools or holders. We would be happy to design and build those items for you or work from your design drawings.

We appreciate you visiting our website and considering our company. Please give us a call - we would be happy to discuss any tooling concerns you might have.


Mike Harp