Gages Main Image

There are many ways to fixture a part for machining, and some ways are better than others. Gages, however, are not as forgiving. There is only one way to gage a part, and that is in accordance with the part design drawing by using the specific datumns shown. Many times we have seen our customers checking parts from the wrong datumns and, in reality, they are checking nothing at all.

A gage has a very simple function - to assure that you keep the good parts and throw away the bad ones. However, it can only function properly if it is designed and built properly. At American Tool & Engineering, we understand these principals of gaging and know how to put them into practice.

Though simpler is usually better, gages can be designed to check multiple features at the same time. The problem with this application is that the gage must compensate for cumulative tolerances within the part, and often this compromises the accuracy of the gage itself. Regardless of the request, we will always strive to meet the customer's needs, whether simple or complex.