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Perhaps our greatest strength is designing and building CNC fixtures for horizontal and vertical machining centers. Our machine capabilities are best suited for this type of work and our many years of experience will allow us to find the best way for you to machine your part through better sequencing of operations and part orientation.

The ideal fixture should repeatably locate your parts and clamp them in a way that will allow you to maximize speeds and feeds with sufficient clamp force. It is important that the clamp forces do not cause distortion of the part, but rather clamp it in a "free state." This can be achieved by proper support location, and sometimes may require additional "secondary" support devices.

Our steel fixtures are machined from high grade (1025) plate that has been stress relieved before machining. We also frequently use (4140 PHT, R/C 28-30) half hard plate as well as aluminum, stainless and high nickel alloy and plastic materials. The first step is precision Blanchard grinding, and then precision machining with the objective of removing cumulative error as the assembly advances throughout its production.

We always strive to give you the closest repeatability that we possibly can, and typically we will hold less than .002" station to station and fixture to fixture. This amount of error is easily compensated for in modern machine programs. We can give repeatability as close as .0002" at each individual station through the use of collet systems or other precision locating devices.

With our reputation for quality work and functional design, based on your machining strategy, we are certain we can give you the best fixtures you could possibly find.