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We offer design services to all of our customers that may not have in-house capabilities due to time constraints or personnel. You will find that our fees for design services are very reasonable and many of our largest customers have found that relying on us for designing their tooling is more cost-effective than doing it themselves in-house.

We will always take full responsibility for the dimensional integrity of our design work, relieving the customer of liabilities for improper fit. We will ask for finished part drawings, machine specifications and sample parts when applicable, and our design will be based on the information that you provide. We will work closely with your engineering staff and machine operators throughout the design phase and incorporate your ideas into the final design as much as possible.

We have always valued our customers' input, especially on existing machining applications. No one should know your parts better than you, and we realize your experiences will ultimately help us achieve better final results and happier customers. With our "turnkey" capabilities, you have no reason for not giving us a try. Let us show you how we have earned our reputation and keep it every day.